Olivia M.
Olivia M.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Bachelorette Biography

Born and raised in a small town with a loving family, Olivia M. is looking for the love of her life! She may be a city-slicker now, but Olivia will always be a small-town girl at heart. She studied fashion and has a passion for all things style and design. Zach, get your suit ready! When she's not working hard at her career, Olivia loves going to hot yoga, trying new restaurants and cuddling up on the couch to binge-watch TV. Olivia is hoping to meet a loyal, loving and driven man. Will Zach be her prince charming?

Fun Facts:
• Olivia's special talent is sounding like a dolphin.
• Olivia loves to read and has color-coded her bookshelf.
• Olivia loves carbs.