James Roday Rodriguez
James Roday Rodriguez
as Gary Mendez

Actor Biography

James Roday is a multihyphenate who is best known for his eight-year run as Shawn Spencer on the USA hit comedy Psych, which also spawned a Psych film that aired in December 2017 to huge ratings success.


Roday has written pilots for USA, Fox and SyFy, and has directed shows such as Fox's The Resident and Rosewood, and CBS's Battle Creek, for Vince Gilligan and David Shore; as well as writing and directing multiple episodes of Psych for USA.

His upcoming features include The Buddy Games, for writer/director Josh Duhamel and The Hollywood Hills, for writer/director Rhys Wakefield. Past credits include the indie festival hit comedy Pushing Dead, about an HIV+ patient surviving his illness in the modern day healthcare system; Christmas Eve with Patrick Stewart and Cheryl Hines; and Brian Klugman's Baby, Baby, Baby. His feature directing debut, Gravy, starring Jimmi Simpson and Michael Weston, is now a cult classic horror-comedy film seen around the world.


Roday is currently directing his own script, Treehouse, as part of Blumhouse Productions' upcoming anthology series for Hulu. He also wrote and directed the USA pilot Shoot the Moon, starring Mandy Moore and Sam Huntington.