Watch Season 1 of "A Million Little Things" Right Now on Hulu Before the Season 2 Premiere

Watch Season 1 of "A Million Little Things" Right Now on Hulu Before the Season 2 Premiere

You're probably seeing ABC's A Million Little Things everywhere these days, from your social media feeds to award shows to that one friend of yours who just won't stop telling you how emotional, compelling, and just plain good the show is. Season 2 of A Million Little Things premieres THURSDAY SEPT 26 9|8c, and if you want to get all caught up so that you can be part of the conversation when this addictive show comes back for the explosive season premiere, Hulu has you covered because you can watch season 1 of A Million Little Things on Hulu now

A Million Little Things definitely tackles some big issues, but much like you and your friends being able to joke about hard times you've shared together, this is a show about a group of friends and the ways they come together and lift each other up when they encounter the many challenges that life throws our way. There are tears, sure, but this group uses humor and love to help each other get through it all, and they come out on the other side in ways that are are incredibly cathartic to watch, and leave you feeling inspired. And somehow they manage to accomplish all of that without being cheesy. It's a delicate tightrope, and this show walks it well. 

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Even Eddie's eulogy for Jon in the premiere (no spoilers, so feel free to watch) has laughs sprinkled in with the melancholy—and sets up the show's major characters, as well as their struggles and relationships:

When this article went live, there were 391 hours until the season 2 premiere. That's plenty of time to watch the 17 episodes of season 1! After you binge this show—and trust us, you will want to binge it—you'll still have 374 hours left to do whatever you want, like eat, sleep, go to work, meet up with friends to discuss season 1 of A Million Little Things, meet up with friends to speculate about season 2 of A Million Little Things, etc. That's a lot of time. You've got this. We believe in you.

A Million Little Things masterfully blends the emotional punch of heart-wrenching drama with whip-smart humor and ridiculously intriguing mystery, a package that leads to one of the most binge-watch worthy TV shows in recent memory. The bottom line is that this is TV that's part of the cultural conversation, and with good reason. So don't wait: Watch the series premiere of A Million Little Things on Hulu right now, and start your new obsession. 

We'll see you back here for the SEASON PREMIERE THURSDAY SEPT 26 9|8c!

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