Johnny Ortiz

Actor Biography

Johnny Ortiz is a native Latin American actor whose parents hail from Mexico and Guatemala. At age 11, he began studying acting with his mentor and teacher, Edward Padilla, at Casa 0101 Theater where he last starred in their critically acclaimed production, Light in the Darkness. He has appeared in TV commercials, TV shows and films. His most notable credits include the lead role in the AFI award-winning film, Nani, a principal role opposite Kevin Costner in the upcoming Disney feature, McFarland, USA which will be released in November, 2014 and a series lead role in ABC’s Drama, American Crime, produced and directed by Oscar winner John Ridley.

When not on the set, Johnny continues his education by working on a college degree in the Los Angeles area. As a bit of interesting trivia, Johnny speaks basic Chinese. Ortiz is also quite the athlete who enjoys Hip Hop, sports and interests such as rock climbing, running - long distance/sprint, shooting - rifle, revolver or automatic, skateboarding – street, stunts, soccer, archery, baseball, basketball, billiards, boxing, cycling, diving, football, frisbee, gymnastics, handball, ice skating and jump rope. His martial arts skills include Jiujutsu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Kick boxing and also enjoys playing the drums and flute. Johnny Resides in Highland Park.


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