Podcast 8: American Crime Series Episode 7

Podcast 8: American Crime Series Episode 7

The American Crime Podcast, hosted by film critic and radio personality Elvis Mitchell, takes an in-depth look at the groundbreaking new television drama American Crime THURSDAYS 10|9c on ABC. Each week will feature a candid conversation with the show's creator and Executive Producer, Oscar®-winning screenwriter John Ridley, along with an array of show talent as we discuss the latest episode, character storylines, and other timely topics and themes. We'll also share an insider's look at the creative and technical process that brings each episode to life, including scriptwriting, directing, editing, scoring, and more.


In the eighth episode, show creator John Ridley, writer Davy Perez and editor Liza Espinas discuss episode 7 of ABC's American Crime.

Plus, check out these riveting moments from "Episode Seven": 

Hector Tells All: After being placed in a better facility, Hector (Richard Cabral) is required to hold up his end of the bargain with his statement. He provides the authorities with a detailed testimony about the night Matt Skokie was murdered, pinning Carter (Elvis Nolasco) as the murderer. 

Why Carter Loves Aubry: When Aliyah visits a bruised and battered Carter in prison, all he asks about is Aubry. After Aliyah goes off on her brother, he reveals to her that Aubry saved him during his darkest of days and admits he attempted suicide. 


Help!: After getting the boot from his job, Russ (Timothy Hutton) confides in Tom (W. Earl Brown). During their conversation, he enlists Tom to talk to Barb to help give her perspective, but Tom refuses to deal with her. 


Shocking Confession: Pressed to testify against Carter, Aubry calls for a gathering and makes a jaw-dropping confession, claiming her brother Brian sexually abused her. When everyone leaves the room, her father asks why she said what she said; she admits she did it for Carter, who she says saved her. 


A Call to Protest: Feeling guilty for not being there for her brother in his time of need, a determined Aliyah speaks with a reporter and announces she is starting a peaceful protest in support of Carter. 



Tune in THURSDAY APRIL 23 10|9c for the next episode of American Crime.

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