Eye Opening Moments: "Episode Six"

Eye Opening Moments: "Episode Six"

Welcome to Eye Opening Moments for American Crime. Here you can catch a glimpse at some of the most surprising moments of the latest episode *Warning: There WILL be spoilers. 

Happy Anniversary, Nancy: Nancy declines Barb's (Felicity Huffman) invitation post-TV interview in order to meet with her estranged husband. It is revealed that he walked away after the weight and pressure of their daughter's case put a strain on their relationship. 

Tony Lets It All Out: Since being released from juvie, Tony (Johnny Ortiz) has been required to attend counseling. As Alonzo (Benito Martinez) speaks during their session, Tony glares at him. When the therapist asks if something is on his mind, Tony is honest and candidly expresses his frustrations. 

Russ' Drama: Following a rocky conversation with Mark, Russ (Timothy Hutton) confides in his co-worker Lisa. While the two swap drama stories, he tells her about his family's woes, including Matt's murder and his parenting.

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