Eye Opening Moments: "Episode Seven"

Eye Opening Moments: "Episode Seven"

Welcome to Eye Opening Moments for American Crime. Here you can catch a glimpse at some of the most surprising moments of the latest episode *Warning: There WILL be spoilers. 

Why Hector Killed: After giving his testimony against Carter (Elvis Nolasco), Hector (Richard Cabral) is asked by his lawyer about the situation in Sinoloa. He answers candidly, admitting he killed someone in defense of another person. Unfortunately, the person Hector defended is fearful of the cartels and will most likely testify against him. 

Incriminating Evidence: Aliyah (Regina King) receives evidence that can slander both Matt and Gwen and assist in Carter's case. 

Moving Out: With Tony (Johnny Ortiz) back in juvie for the second time, Jenny makes the decision to move out of Alonzo's (Benito Martinez) house and into her uncle and aunt's place. Alonzo doesn't take the news lightly, but Jenny stands by her decision. 

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