Eye Opening Moments: "Episode Eight"

Eye Opening Moments: "Episode Eight"

Welcome to Eye Opening Moments for American Crime. Here you can catch a glimpse at some of the most surprising moments of the latest episode *Warning: There WILL be spoilers. 

Are You Avoiding Me?: Russ (Timothy Hutton) and Richelle finally meet, but only because Russ stops by Mark's apartment when he is out. While Russ and Richelle have an introductory chat, a straightforward Richelle asks him if he's been avoiding her. 

Alonzo Asks Tony to Lie: Determined to do right for his son this time around, Alonzo (Benito Martinez) advises Tony (Johnny Ortiz) to lie about Carter (Elvis Nolasco) in order for Tony to get off. Insisting he doesn't know anything, Tony is appalled his father would suggest that, pointing out that Carter could be innocent, like him. 

Goodbye, Carter?: Aubry's mother Ruth tries to convince Aubry (Caitlin Gerard) to leave Carter, telling her daughter that he is sure to be convicted. Aubry refuses, explaining her love for Carter. 

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