American Crime Recap: Season 2 Episode 3

American Crime Recap: Season 2 Episode 3

Welcome to the American Crime recap for Season 2 Episode 3 (original airdate January 20, 2015). As a news article detailing the events of the Captains’ party goes online, the LaCroix family has to deal with their son, Kevin LaCroix (Trevor Jackson), being publicly named as a participant; Anne Blaine (Lili Taylor) finds herself on the defensive after the article is published; and new evidence surfaces that raises additional questions about what really happened on the night of the alleged assault on Taylor Blaine (Connor Jessup).

Taylor and the Stigma of Male Sexual Assault

Still in the midst of counseling, Taylor talks to Dr. Esposito and expresses remorse about coming forward regarding the alleged assault. Dr. Herrera asks why, and Taylor explains that ithe discussion -- and recognition -- of sexual assault differs depending on the gender of the victim:

His mother Anne wants to call attention to the case so she can find justice, but at this point, Taylor is sorry that he ever told anyone in the first place.

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Terri Learns Her Son Is Involved

The reporter that Anne enlisted to tell Taylor's story also spoke to Leslie Graham (Felicity Huffman), and soon her story is online. Terri LaCroix (Regina King) finds out from a coworker that Kevin's name is in the paper, linked to the alleged sexual assault at Leyland. She immediately calls her husband Michael (Andre Benjamin, AKA Andre 3000) and her lawyer, but finds that the speed of the internet can be overwhelming, because there are already many comments online regarding the story -- and her son:

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The LaCroixs' Influence May Not Protect Them

The investigation spreads quickly -- soon Taylor's girlfriend Evy (Angelique Rivera) is pulled out of school to speak to the police about the Captains' Party. Meanwhile Terri and Michael field a visit from their friend in the police department to learn more about the alleged assault against Taylor Blaine and whether or not their son Kevin will be facing charges or other trouble:

Terri can't believe what she's hearing: "Boys don't get raped." Michael briefly takes his fears out on Kevin. She works her contact for further information, but she soon finds that even her normally reliable connections may not be enough to insulate her family from this firestorm.

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When Leslie speaks to the police again, they ask for her cooperation in gathering DNA evidence from the male students who attended the Captains' Party. She refuses, but the detective counters that they'll be forced to subpoena every male at the school -- because Taylor's rape kit exam turns up evidence that points to a forced sexual encounter. The police are officially investigating this case as a rape.

American Crime returns next week with "Episode Four."

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