American Crime Recap: Eric's True Self Revealed

American Crime Recap: Eric's True Self Revealed

Welcome to the American Crime recap for Season 2 "Episode Two" (original airdate January 13, 2015). Hours after Anne Blaine (Lili Taylor) places a 911 call seeking help for her son, Taylor Blaine (Connor Jessup), she begins the byzantine process of getting authorities to pay attention to the alleged crime. Meanwhile, Leslie Graham (Felicity Huffman) works to position The Leyland School ahead of the forming investigation; Terri LaCroix (Regina King) has an intervention with son Kevin LaCroix (Trevor Jackson); and the true self of Eric Tanner (Joey Pollari) is revealed.

Anne talks to the police, who are responding to her 911 call from "Episode One." The police are thrown by the fact that Taylor is male, and the fact that he doesn't want to talk to the police doesn't help anything. He is sent to the hospital undergo a rape kit exam, which is uncomfortably invasive and solidifies his reluctance to push the issue further -- he just wants it to go away.

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Leslie tells Dan Sullivan (Timothy Hutton) that Taylor's mom is alleging that her son was raped at the Captain's Party, and she wants Dan to dole out some discipline. Dan explains that he's already talked to his team and they said nothing happened at the party, but Leslie says it's important for the school to show that it's addressing the incident in a concrete manner:

She suggests benching one of the captains, but when Dan says it's either Kevin LaCroix or Eric Tanner, Leslie advises not to "get into things with the LaCroix family," putting Dan in a tough spot and sealing Eric's fate. Eric is punished, but the young man of greater means, Kevin, escapes unscathed.

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We're taken to Marshall High School, where Taylor's girlfriend Evy (Angelique Rivera) attends school. While Leyland wrestles with the alleged assault and how to handle it, Principal Chris Dixon (Elvis Nolasco) is dealing with budget issues and feeding the school's underprivileged students. There's some budding racial tension between a few black students and Latino students, as well -- this is very much a different world when compared to Leyland.

Meanwhile, Terri grills her son Kevin about a $900 credit card charge -- and it turns out Kevin bought his girlfriend, Val, a $900 bracelet. Terri wants to know what Val's intentions are with Kevin, and tells him in no uncertain terms that because he's good looking, has basketball skills, and comes from a wealthy family, women will be hoping to get into his life. And some of them will just be "trying to get paid":

Terri tells him to leave those girls for the "WTs" -- white trash.

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During a conversation between Anne and her therapist, we learn that Anne has had psychiatric issues in the past, though the exact nature is She's not the only one with a secret: Eric meets with a male friend, and it soon turns out that the meeting is of a romantic nature:

The tone of the meeting suggests that Eric's sexuality is more complicated than we previously knew -- not least of all for Eric himself.

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After meeting with a police detective, Anne is once again frustrated after the detective's reluctance to call the alleged incident with Taylor a "rape." She decides to take matters into her own hands, and approaches a local reporter. The reporter makes it clear that pushing the issue will intensify the scrutiny of her family, but Anne remains undeterred, and wants to proceed. 

American Crime returns next week with "Episode Three."

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