American Crime Recap: Family to the Rescue in "Episode Three"

American Crime Recap: Family to the Rescue in "Episode Three"

Welcome to Riveting Moments for American CrimeIf you've missed the latest most talked-about episode, here you'll find highlights and recaps. *Warning: This contains spoilers.

In "Episode Three," it's nearly a month after the arraignment. Despite their strained relationships, Carter's (Elvis Nolasco) sister Aliyah (Regina King) arrives to support him, while Aubry's (Caitlin Gerard) father comes to help her out. Meanwhile, Alonzo (Benito Martinez) receives news about Tony's (Johnny Ortiz) case that impacts the family. Barb (Felicity Huffman) continues on the fight for justice for her son. 

Another Hate Crime?: With help from the Victims Rights Group head Nancy (guest Lili Taylor), Barb attempts to get another hate crime charge added against Carter. While it doesn't seem too promising, she is determined to do anything in her power to get justice for Matt. 

Why Aubry Gets High: Unable to see Carter while he's in prison, Aubry drinks heavily and continues to cut out photos of interracial couples from magazines. They are her escape - as are drugs. 

Eve's Confession: Eve (Penelope Ann Miller) comes clean to Tom (W. Earl Brown), admitting that she knew Gwen was sleeping with other guys prior to the rape kit test results. Tom is furious at his wife, but Eve defends that she was helping their daughter as Matt was doing drugs and around people that scared Gwen. 

Jenny Finds Trouble: Unfortunately, Tony isn't the only Gutierrez who finds trouble with the authorities. While at a block party, Jenny and her friends are approached by officers who ask for their IDs. When Jenny refuses to comply, a cop harasses her, leaving her shaken. 

Tony Can't Leave: Alonzo is informed by Tony's probation officer that Tony will not be released to him at this time, as they believe he needs counseling. When a crushed Alonzo argues his son needs to come home, the officer gives him a harsh reality, pointing out Tony won't even let his father visit him. 


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