American Crime Recap: Reunions and Freedom in "Episode Four"

American Crime Recap: Reunions and Freedom in "Episode Four"

Welcome to Riveting Moments for American CrimeIf you've missed the latest most talked-about episode, here you'll find highlights and recaps. *Warning: This contains spoilers.

In "Episode Four," Mark, the youngest son of Russ (Timothy Hutton) and Barb (Felicity Huffman), arrives. Aliyah (Regina King) gets support from her religious community in order to aid Carter's (Elvis Nolasco) case, which appears to be getting stronger. Meanwhile, Tom (W. Earl Brown) reads the interviews about Gwen's sexual partners, causing him to see his comatose daughter in a new light. 

Good News for Carter: Along with Brother Timothy, Aliyah pays a visit to Carter to tell him the good news: the prosecution's case is weakening and they're looking to get a bail hearing for him. 

Hector is Done: When fellow gang member Lido presses Hector (Richard Cabral) to steal meds, he refuses, as he already has a lot of trouble on his plate and is at risk of getting deported. He talks to the head of the gang, letting him know he wants out; he's done with the gang life. The news doesn't not sit well with them. 

Going Home: Thanks to Edgar's helpful advice, Tony (Johnny Ortiz) is doing well in juvie. After a successful meeting with his probation officer, he is discharged and placed into the care of Alonzo (Benito Martinez). Their reunion, however, is nothing short of awkward. 

Carter is Closer to Freedom: At Carter's bail hearing, his lawyer Brother Timothy makes a strong case for him and the judge grants him bail. Aliyah and her community rejoice at the outcome, while Barb is the most devastated at the ruling. 


Gwen Wakes Up: When Tom reveals he read the interviews about Gwen and her sexual partners, he and Eve (Penelope Ann Miller) have a heated argument, causing Gwen to react from her coma. A nurse delivers the news that their daughter is waking up. 


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