American Crime Recap: A Suspect Flees in "Episode Five"

American Crime Recap: A Suspect Flees in "Episode Five"

Welcome to Riveting Moments for American CrimeIf you've missed the latest most talked-about episode, here you'll find highlights and recaps. *Warning: This contains spoilers.

In "Episode Five," Mark gets the courage to tell Barb (Felicity Huffman) that he is engaged, which doesn't end well. Meanwhile, Aubry (Caitlin Gerard) and Carter (Elvis Nolasco) reunite and attempt to go through with her ill-fated plan of running for the border. 

Where's Doreen?: Aliyah (Regina King) takes Carter to his new apartment and the two bicker about his lifestyle. When he calls her by her birth name "Doreen," she gets offended, but he reasons that he just needs his sister right now. 

Love at First Sight: When Aubry and Carter finally reunite, the two take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the first time they met. Carter opens up and tells her what he initially thought of her. 

Jenny Gets Jumped: Walking home from school, Jenny is followed by a group of guys. When one of them talks trash about Tony (Johnny Ortiz), Jenny defends her brother by punching the culprit, causing him to retaliate. He continues to beat her until his friends take him away. 

Aubry Fights for Carter: In an attempt to score some drugs, Aubry and Carter go to a drug dealer's house. There, a man identifies Carter as the one who ripped him off. Aubry saves Carter in a fight and ends up slicing a guy's neck before fleeing. 

Is Aubry Dead?: At a motel, Aubry shrugs off what happened and continues to get high by herself - Carter refuses to do the drugs with her. She overdoses and Carter frantically calls for help. He gets taken away by the police, while Aubry is taken away by the EMTs. 

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