American Crime Recap: Revenge and New Evidence in "Episode Six"

American Crime Recap: Revenge and New Evidence in "Episode Six"

Welcome to Riveting Moments for American CrimeIf you've missed the latest most talked-about episode, here you'll find highlights and recaps. *Warning: This contains spoilers.

In "Episode Six," everyone on both sides is upset at the news of Carter (Elvis Nolasco) fleeing. Tony (Johnny Ortiz) exacts revenge on Jenny's attacker, while incriminating new evidence causes the prosecution to deem the case as a hate crime.

Barb on TV: Upon hearing the news of Carter's escape, Barb (Felicity Huffman) is furious. When the local news interviews her, she answers candidly and makes some eyebrow raising statements.

Carter Who?: Detective Palmer insists on interrogating Gwen, as a statement from her would seal Carter's conviction. Unfortunately, she lost her memory and has no recollection of the attack. 

A Case of Withdrawals: In the hospital, Aubry (Caitlin Gerard) is feeling the symptoms of her drug withdrawals. When her father pleads with her to take a deal, she screams at him to leave the room. 

Tony's Revenge: After finding out the identity of who attacked Jenny, Tony and his friends confront Joaquin on the basketball court. A hesitant Tony is egged on by Luis and ends up beating Joaquin with a pipe. 

Hate Crime: Palmer continues his interrogation, this time with Stevie, the man who Carter beat and robbed. When Stevie tells Palmer what Carter called him during the beating, the case is then treated as a hate crime. 

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