American Crime Recap: A Shocking Confession in "Episode Nine"

American Crime Recap: A Shocking Confession in "Episode Nine"

Welcome to Riveting Moments for "Episode Nine"of American Crime, originally airing April 30, 2015. In "Episode Nine," Aubry (Caitlin Gerard) makes another shocking confession. With nothing to lose, she confesses to the crime of killing Matt and shooting Gwen, claiming it was all in self-defense. This can only mean one thing: Carter (Elvis Nolasco) was innocent this entire time.

Terror in Juvie: A moment of silliness turns deadly when Edgar gets violent with the juvie correctional officers. The officers use excessive force on Edgar, killing him. Tony (Johnny Ortiz) witnesses the altercation and is terrified. 

A Family Reunion: At a motel, a cleaned up Hector (Richard Cabral) meets with his girlfriend Sibila and his daughter Adela. Adela is initially afraid of him, but after Sibila and Hector have a talk, she eventually warms up to him. In a heartwarming moment, Adela offers her dad a french fry. 

Barb and Her Gun: Visiting with Barb (Felicity Huffman) at her apartment, Nancy ends up finding Barb's gun. When she cannot conceal her disappointment, Barb gets defensive, reminding her friend she was assaulted with a brick and explains that it's for her protection. 

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: When Timothy drops by to hand deliver a message to Aubry, she is excited to see what Carter sent for her. She is greatly disappointed, however, when she realizes Carter is breaking up with her and has a meltdown. 


Another Shocking Confession: Following Carter's breakup with her, Aubry decides to flip the case on its head by confessing to the crime, deeming Carter innocent. 

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