American Crime Recap: Suspects Walk Free in "Episode Ten"

American Crime Recap: Suspects Walk Free in "Episode Ten"

Welcome to Riveting Moments for "Episode Ten" of American Crime, originally airing May 7, 2015. In "Episode Ten," after Aubry's (Caitlin Gerard) shocking confession in "Episode Nine," Carter (Elvis Nolasco) is proven innocent while she is arrested for the murder of Matt Skokie. As a result of Aubry's confession, new allegations against Matt come to light, much to the dismay of Russ (Timothy Hutton) and Barb (Felicity Huffman).

Caught in a Lie: Armed with the new information, Detective Palmer wakes up Hector (Richard Cabral) in the middle of the night and questions him about the gun. When Hector is caught lying, Palmer calls the deal off and tells Hector that he's being deported. 

Alonzo is Desperate: A frantic Alonzo (Benito Martinez) reaches out to Tony's teacher, Mr. Hall, in hopes of getting him to be a character witness for Tony (Johnny Ortiz) in court. Unfortunately, Alonzo picked the wrong teacher: Mr. Hall is helping raise funds for Joaquin, the boy Tony assaulted. 

Barb Surrenders: Feeling defeated, Barb goes to Russ to tell him she's withdrawing from the whole situation. Despite what he thinks, she's only giving up on the case and not herself, handing him her gun. 

Coming Clean: At Tony's hearing, Jenny makes a powerful case, placing some of the blame on herself for Tony's actions. She admits that she was the one messing up initially - and that Tony was just trying to protect her, just as he always has. 

Freedom: After being proven innocent, Carter is a free man. He is released from prison and reunited with Aliyah (Regina King). Confused, he questions why it was so easy; Aliyah tells him to stop questioning and to just give thanks. 

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