American Crime Season Finale Recap: The Murder Comes Full Circle with Multiple Deaths

American Crime Season Finale Recap: The Murder Comes Full Circle with Multiple Deaths

Welcome to Riveting Moments for the "Episode Eleven" episode of American Crimeoriginally airing May 14, 2015. In the heart-stopping season finale, the crime comes full circle when Russ (Timothy Hutton) kills Carter (Elvis Nolasco), then himself. After learning Carter is dead, a distraught Aubry (Caitlin Gerard) takes her own life. Not all is a tragedy, though: Alonzo (Benito Martinez) and Tony (Johnny Ortiz) are getting a fresh start while Hector (Richard Cabral) gets an opportunity to turn his life around.

Carter's Imaginary Girlfriend: After finding out Aubry's confession is what got him released, Carter pays her a visit. He tells her about his imaginary girlfriend, whom he thought was the perfect girl... until Aubry came along. 

Hector is a Free Man: At his trial, it seems like Hector is going to lose, as he has no defense. When the prosecution's eyewitness doesn't show up, the judge dismisses the charges and Hector is free to go. 

Russ, the Killer: Outside the bar where he first met Aubry, Carter finds himself missing her and gives her a call. Before he is put through to Aubry, a figure approaches Carter and shoots him in the head; it's Russ. 

Is Carter Still Alive?: Distressed over the news that Carter is dead, Aubry sneaks out of her room and finds him on the operating table. When she witnesses him breathing, she calls for a nurse, who screams for help. 

United in Grief: Once on opposite sides, Aliyah (Regina King) and Aubry's mother Ruth meet once again at the hospital. Aliyah approaches Ruth, embracing her and speaking in Arabic as they cry on each other's shoulder. 

We are Family: After Barb (Felicity Huffman) identifies Russ' dead body, Mark and Richelle meet with her to discuss the future. Going their separate ways, a fragile Barb accidentally spills the contents of her purse in the parking lot and ends up on the floor. Richelle and Mark rush to help her, and Richelle reaches out, inviting her to be involved with their family. 

Hector Lands a Job: After his interview at a call center, Hector shares the good news with Sibila: he got the position! 

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