11 Things to Know Before the "American Crime" Season Finale on Thursday, May 14th

11 Things to Know Before the "American Crime" Season Finale on Thursday, May 14th

On Thursday’s must-see season finale of American Crime, the criminal case comes to a shocking close for all those involved as we see each life forever altered by this incident. Here are 11 things you need to know before the season 1 finale.

Matt Skokie was a drug dealer.
At the end of “Episode One,” it comes to light that murdered Matt Skokie wasn’t exactly an angel himself. Police found mass amounts of packaged drugs in Matt’s house, indicating it wasn’t just for his personal use.


Gwen had many lovers.
In “Episode Two,” Tom (W. Earl Brown) and Eve (Penelope Ann Miller) get the results of Gwen’s rape kit and are given the shocking news that their daughter wasn’t sexually assaulted: it was consensual.

Aubry will kill for Carter.
In “Episode Five,” Aubry (Caitlin Gerard) and Carter (Elvis Nolasco) find themselves in a dangerous situation at a drug dealer’s house. When the dealer fights Carter, Aubry comes to his rescue, nearly killing the dealer by slicing his throat. 

Tony is protective of Jenny. 
Discovering Joaquin was the one who beat Jenny in “Episode Six,” Tony (Joaquin Ortiz) and his new friends attack him on the basketball court. Egged on by his new friend, Tony assaults Joaquin with a pipe – and it’s all caught on video. Later, he lands back in juvie for the incident. 

Aliyah will do anything to support her brother.
After realizing she wasn’t there for Carter, Aliyah (Regina King) is determined to make things right and help him as much as she can. At the end of “Episode Seven,” she reveals her plan to protest to support Carter.

Someone wants to hurt Barb. 
In “Episode Eight,” Barb (Felicity Huffman) becomes aware of the public’s negative sentiment toward her when someone throws a brick at her car… with her in it! 

Aubry confesses to murdering Matt. 
In “Episode Nine,” after Carter breaks up with her, Aubry decides to flip the case on its head by confessing to Matt’s murder. That can only mean one thing: Carter is innocent. 

Hector gets caught lying. 
At the beginning of “Episode Ten,” Hector (Richard Cabral) is caught lying about the gun, making his testimony against Carter invalid. Detective Palmer calls their deal off and Hector is deported to Mexico. 

Barb is withdrawing from the case. 
Feeling defeated, Barb goes to Russ (Timothy Hutton) in “Episode Ten” to tell him she's withdrawing from the whole situation. Despite what he thinks, she's only giving up on the case and not herself, handing him her gun.

Tony goes back home.
After Jenny’s compelling and tear-jerking testimony in “Episode Ten,” Tony is released from juvie and back in Alonzo’s (Benito Martinez) care.

Carter walks free.
Thanks to Aubry’s confession and Aliyah’s demands, Carter gets out of prison and walks free at the end of “Episode Ten.” Reunited with his sister, a confused Carter questions why it was so easy; Aliyah tells him to stop questioning and to just give thanks. 


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