season 4

A confident wife and mother raises her flawed family in a wealthy town filled with "perfect" mommies and kids.

S4 E20 - Prom
Katie thinks Anna-Kat is being bullied.
05.14.2020 | 21m
S4 E19 - Vacation!
The Ottos go on a family vacation.
05.07.2020 | 21m
S4 E18 - Senior Prank
Katie encourages Taylor to pull a prank.
04.23.2020 | 21m
S4 E17 - All Is Fair In Love and War Reenactment
Katie tries to encourage Anna-Kat.
04.16.2020 | 20m
S4 E16 - The Battle for Second Breakfast
Katie begins to feel like a third wheel.
04.02.2020 | 21m
S4 E15 - In My Room
Katie finds an old piece of furniture.
03.26.2020 | 21m
S4 E14 - A Very English Scandal
Katie sets out to play matchmaker.
03.19.2020 | 20m
S4 E13 - The Great Cookie Challenge
Oliver attempts to help a student.
02.01.2020 | 21m
S4 E12 - Wildflower Girls
Katie grows concerned when Anna-Kat joins an elite scout troop.
01.25.2020 | 20m
S4 E11 - One Step Forward, Three Steps Back
Katie and Greg's schedules disrupt the family.
01.18.2020 | 21m
S4 E10 - The Bromance Before Christmas
Oliver and Anna-Kat break an heirloom.
12.14.2019 | 21m
S4 E9 - Hip to be Square
Katie and Greg try to stay connected.
11.30.2019 | 21m
S4 E8 - Women in Business
Katie's feud with Chloe is reignited.
11.23.2019 | 21m
S4 E7 - Flavor of Westport
Katie taps into Oliver's business savvy.
11.16.2019 | 20m
S4 E6 - Girls' Night Out
With Katie's 40th birthday fast approaching, her self-esteem starts to wane.
11.02.2019 | 21m
S4 E5 - The Maze
Greg enters a pumpkin carving contest.
10.26.2019 | 20m
S4 E4 - Lasagna
Angela and Doris help Oliver.
10.19.2019 | 21m
S4 E3 - Bigger Kids, Bigger Problems
Greg puts on a show about recycling.
10.12.2019 | 20m
S4 E2 - Bed, Bath & Beyond Our Means
Katie's boss promotes her.
10.05.2019 | 21m
S4 E1 - The Minivan
Katie and Greg decide to sell the minivan.
09.28.2019 | 21m