Bachelor in Paradise Finale 2016 Recap: Find Out Who Gets Engaged

Bachelor in Paradise Finale 2016 Recap: Find Out Who Gets Engaged

It's hard to believe but Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 has come to a close. Need Bachelor in Paradise spoilers? You're in the right place. The conclusion of Season 3 was one for the record books as it resulted in three epic proposals, many breakups to remember and an unprecedented amount of tears. After seeing which couples got engaged in Paradise, we got an update on their status' along with a look at what's been going on for the rest of the cast since viewers last saw them. So much excitement happened as the bachelors and bachelorettes wrapped up their time on the beautiful beaches of Sayulita, Mexico. Let's cut right to the action. Here is a recap of the events from Season 3, episodes 10 and 11.

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Vinny Gives Izzy the Brush-Off

Before proposals and happy endings, some tearful goodbyes needed to be said in Paradise. Brett's (The Lamp Guy) feelings for Izzy, and all the other bachelorettes for that matter, just aren't progressing so he decides it is time to cut them loose. Considering the love with Vinny that Izzy gave up on, as expected she doesn't take news about Brett wanting to be friends all too well. Izzy leaves Paradise and calls Vinny begging for a second chance. In a surprise move, Vinny tells her he can't get over her willingness to throw away their relationship for Brett. At this time there is no coming back from what happened. He's still hurt. Izzy has an anxiety attack on her way out of Paradise. Was picking The Lamp Guy the biggest mistake of her life?

Wells Isn't Ready to Take Ashley I.'s V-Card

After deciding he wants one more date with Ashley I. to see where his feelings are, thus eliminating Jami and ShushannaWells gets hit with the pressure of taking Ashley to the fantasy suites. She is a virgin and ultimately he isn't ready for that type of responsibility even IF Ashley is proclaiming to be. Before things get too out of control, Wells breaks it off with her and the two leave Paradise still single. With their departure, only four couples remain and things move very quickly as overnight dates make the pairs realize just how much weight proposals hold.

Happily Evan After

Evan and Carly's journey to love in Paradise has certainly been unique. In the fantasy suites, Carly tries not to let the PTSD of getting broken up with by Kirk on the last day of Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 play into her connection with Evan. Ultimately, all the weirdness, hospital visits and soul searching proves to be worth it when Evan proposes to Carly. His heart beats for her soul and the feelings are mutual. Evan makes Carly feel beautiful inside and out. She accepts the proposal and the two can't wait to start their lives together outside of Mexico. 

Not Every Ending Is Happy

Nick has faced his share of breakups during two stints on The Bachelorette and during his time in Paradise, so it was only a matter of time before he found himself on the giving end of heartbreak. Jen tells Nick the chemistry with him has been intense from the start. She is falling for him and would love to continue to fall if he's willing to catch her. Sadly, he isn't. Nick appreciated getting to know her but at this time can't say Jen is the one for him. The future Bachelor struggles through tears to say goodbye to a special girl who helped bring his walls down. Unfortunately for Nick, as The Bachelor 2017 this probably won't be the last heart he has to break on the journey to find his soulmate.

Grace Forever

After some uncertainty concerning unanswered questions, Grant decides he is ready to take the plunge and propose to Lace. Luckily for him and their matching tattoos, Lace is more than ready to start a life with Grant. He has allowed her to open up her heart like no one else could. 

Dream Guy 

After getting over his fear of repeating past mistakes and fighting with Nick until the end of time, Josh proposes to Amanda. He is madly in love with the mother of two. Amanda happily says yes and can't wait to introduce her dream guy to her daughters. A lifetime of pizza and moans awaits! 

Life After Paradise

Navigating the waters of love isn't an easy task for anyone, let alone the hilarious and dramatic cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Since leaving Mexico, Ashley is ALMOST ready to give up on a romance with Jared now that he and Caila have decided to just be friends, Daniel and The Twins are still single and Chad will never ever be Bachelor material. The happy couples who managed to find love in Paradise are all thriving. Carly and Evan have moved in together and Carly can't wait to showcase her talents as a cool stepmom; Grant and Lace want to wed ASAP, Josh fits in perfectly with Amanda's family and Nick is ready to be the next Bachelor

Paradise is closed for the season folks. That's a wrap on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. Stay tuned for updates on The Bachelor Season 21. It will no doubt be a journey to remember. 

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