Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Wells Attempts to Calm the Ashley I. Storm

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Wells Attempts to Calm the Ashley I. Storm

It's Week 5 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 is bringing the heat. Need Bachelor in Paradise spoilers? You're in the right place. This week a sexy arrival proved Ashley I. could have feelings for someone other than Jared. Can you believe it? Relationships were tested and old grudges came into play once again as the cast is nearing the end of their time in Mexico. So much happened, so let's cut right to the action. Here is a recap of the events from Season 3, episode 7.

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Divine Intervention 

The beautiful disaster that is Ashley/Jared/Caila continued this week and just as it seemed Ashley would once again spend the entire time in Paradise in tears over Jared, a welcome distraction arrived. Maybe it was due to help from a higher power, maybe it was the spirit of Ashley's dead dog Lucy stepping in; but cutie Wells Adams' entrance into Mexico certainly came at the perfect time. Wells has a date card telling him to choose someone to share his passions with. This means tacos! He barely has a moment to get settled in before the cast has pretty much forced him to take Ashley on this dream date. As it turns out, Wells finds Ashley strikingly beautiful and she feels more chemistry with the DJ than she ever did with Jared. Could he be the one? Luckily, Wells doesn't make the same mistake he made with Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher and seizes the opportunity for a kiss early on.

Grace is Tested

Now that Vinny and Izzy have imploded, Grant and Lace are one of the strongest couples in Paradise. The pressure of this might be why Lace tests Grant's patience by flirting with Carl. She seems to be constantly picking fights with Grant ever since he said, "I love you." Whether she is just doing it out of insecurity or not isn't certain but if she isn't careful it could mean the end of the relationship. 

A Duel Warning 

At the rose ceremony, Haley and Emily decide not to give out their roses as in the five weeks of being in Paradise they don't see a strong connection forming with any of the bachelors. This means Daniel, Ryan and Carl are saying goodbye to Mexico. The twins have a conversation with Nick who voices strong concerns about Josh, his temper and how it will manifest in his relationship with Amanda. He doesn't think Josh's intentions are pure. This seems like a ploy to revamp his image after Andi Dorfman's book painted him in a bad light. Before leaving Paradise, the twins warn Amanda about her new love. Amanda is upset because she knows her best friends wouldn't have approached the subject unless they had genuine concern. 

Josh vs. Nick AGAIN

Amanda confronts Josh about the twins' allegations and as expected he does not take it well. He calls upon the group for anyone who has a problem with him to come forward. Nick doesn't shy away from the situation and speaks his mind. Josh accuses him of holding a grudge and his reaction is just as aggressive and scary as Nick predicted it would be. Amanda is tired of people telling her who she should and shouldn't be with. She loves Josh and hasn't experienced anything troubling personally so decides to stick with him.

Well Well Wells

Wells wakes up in Paradise the morning after Nick and Josh's fight and finds himself alone for what seems like an eternity. When Jami, a bubbly Canadian from Ben Higgins' Bachelor season, arrives and he is the only person around it seems only natural for her to ask him on a date. Wells, being the gentleman he is, feels like he should tell Ashley. Too bad she is still sleeping! Nick has to be the bearer of bad news when she awakes. Ashley is surprisingly cool about the whole thing. Jami and Wells have an absolute blast on their date and it looks like another love triangle is in the works. 

Paradise Lost

With Wells away, Ashley focuses her attention back on being Jared's "main chick." Caila reaches her breaking point. It's too hard to pursue a relationship with Jared when Ashley is always around making things uncomfortable. She tells Jared she is leaving Paradise. Will he go with her?

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