Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Finale Recap: Jordan & Jenna, Chris & Krystal Get Engaged

Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Finale Recap: Jordan & Jenna, Chris & Krystal Get Engaged

This is it, folks: the Season Finale of Bachelor in Paradise 2018. If they're not in love by now THEY'LL NEVER BE. Okay, it might not be quite that dire, but it is the moment when these fledgling couples either fly out of the nest and into the real world, or tumble to the ground in a mess of sunblock, tears, and swimsuits that require censorship for broadcast. Who gets engaged on Bachelor in Paradise? You'll be surprised. And we're not just saying that in that generic way people say it to fake intrigue. Really, the breakups—and proposals—were not at all who we expected. Watch Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale, Part 1 and Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale, Part 2 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for this week's highlights. If you want to see the whole season, watch full episodes of Bachelor in Paradise now!

Jenna and Jordan: Make It or Break It 

Jordan has been all in on Jenna since she arrived, but Jenna has waffled a bit on our salt-spray-coiffed male model. Jenna says, in one sentence, that she feels safe with Jordan...but also cornered and uncomfortable. So, uh...yeah. One thing they do agree on is needing a one-on-one date to sort out some of their feelings, and they get it. The activity on their date is a photo shoot—more specifically, an engagement photo shoot. The photographer can't say the word "engagement" enough, and every time he does, Jordan lights up, and Jenna shrinks. As the day wears on, she relaxes and realizes she's having a ton of fun with Jordan. For his part, Jordan loves photos, because:

So close, Jordan, although we'll admit that's not technically incorrect, either. Anyway, Jenna's having more fun until they give her the outfit she'll wear in the last photos: a wedding dress. Watch her freakout here:

Again, Jordan relaxes her, but will that be enough?

Uncertainty Reigns

Joe and Kendall have been more or less inseparable since they arrived in Paradise (give or take a few Leo moments here and there). So the night before the final Rose Ceremony, their awkward conversation about the future seems very out of place. Kendall eventually says she wants to sleep on it, and goes to bed. So Joe feels like he doesn't really know where he stands.

The next night at the pre-ceremony cocktail party, they try to clear the air. It gets dicey fast: 

It seems unthinkable. Joe is clearly saying he's ready for the next step, but Kendall is saying she's not. They're gonna realize their mistake, right? This is just a big misunderstanding, and Kendall will chase Joe down, and everything's going to be okay, right? Please?

And yet here they are, in the vans, headed home:

Kendall seems like she thinks she made a mistake, but the damage is done. Paradise shall henceforth be even more shooketh. We certainly are.

Also, Robby showed up in Paradise, but we're too sad right now to talk about it much. He took Shushanna on a date. They had fun. Or didn't. What does it matter? Nothing matters now. 

The Rose Ceremony

Then there was a Rose Ceremony, which doesn't matter because NOTHING MATTERS ANYMORE KENDALL WHYYYYYYYY

Ahem. Here's where the roses went:

Cassandra --> Jordan M
Shushanna --> Robby
Annaliese --> Kamil
Astrid --> Kevin
Krystal --> Chris
Jenna --> Jordan 
Olivia --> John

Eliminated this week: Diggy
Two people who weren't there and made us incredibly sad: Kendall and Joe

The Fantasy Suite Becomes a Nightmare

In the morning, Chris Harrison announces that Paradise will be over in the morning: There's only one more night, and the Fantasy Suites are available. That is, if you spend the night tonight, you better mean it, because they're only for serious relationships.

Olivia and John really like each other, but decide they're not quite there yet, and decide to leave hand-in-hand to see where their relationship goes in the real world. Jordan and Cassandra decide to leave separately. Robby and Shushanna just met yesterday, so they decide to forgo the suites as well. Chris and Krystal are in, as are Jordan and Jenna. Kamil waffles a bit, but ultimately asks Annaliese to join him in there. That leaves only Kevin and Astrid to make their call on the Fantasy Suite.

The last time Kevin used a Fantasy Suite, it was with Ashley Iaconetti—whom he recently watched get engaged to Jared Haibon. So needless to say, the Fantasy Suites are fraught with emotion for Kevin, who's prone to anxiety and getting lost in his own head. It happens again here:

Sigh...why can't we have nice things, Paradise? I'm sure Kevin and Astrid are asking themselves the same question.

So Who Got Engaged?

Why read when you can watch? Here are the final moments for these couples in Paradise:

Chris and Krystal

Jordan and Jenna

Kamil and Annaliese decided they would skip the engagement for now and try this relationship out in the real world.

And that, friends, is the end of Paradise. 

The Reunion

We then skip ahead a couple months to Chris Harrison and the rest of the cast, reunited for a reunion show. Did the couples make it? Did any breakups get unbroken?

John and Olivia stopped seeing each other, and Olivia wasn't super happy to hear that John was texting with Chelsea. Tia and Colton are finally on the same page—they're just friends. (Which is good, because Colton Underwood is the next Bachelor.) Even David and Jordan said they're pals now and hugged it out. 

Kevin and Astrid have been in touch, and they're starting to rebuild the trust between them:

So it looks like there's still hope there. 

What about Joe and Kendall? Well, Kendall visited Joe in Chicago after returning home, and the two of them talked it out a bit. Here they are discussing where they are now:

Whew. And we also now have the fantastic news that we'll be seeing more of Joe since he's joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars 2018! You can also check out Grocery Store Joe's Meet the Cast video to learn even more about Joe—such as the fact that he doesn't own a grocery store anymore!

The Heartbreak

It wasn't all happy times on the reunion, however. Annaliese came out and talked about how she's in love with Kamil, and they're planning their future and moving toward engagement, and ummmmmmm:

"You said you swore on your mother's life that you wouldn't break up with me on this stage, because you'd never want to embarrass me like that. And look what you're doing now." Ouch. This whole situation is just plain BRUTAL. Annaliese doesn't take it sitting down:

Wrapping It Up

No season of Bachelor in Paradise is truly complete without some bloopers, so enjoy!

And that wraps it up! See you next season, Bachelor Nation, and don't forget to watch Colton as The Bachelor in January 2019!

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