Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Week 4 Recap: Leo's "Rat" and Eric's Change of Heart

Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Week 4 Recap: Leo's "Rat" and Eric's Change of Heart

You might think that after four weeks, things would be settling down on Bachelor in Paradise 2018. You would be wrong. Many couples have established themselves, but even the most established couples faced huge hurdles this week—and some are unlikely to recover. Will Jenna choose Benoit or Jordan? Will Kendall choose Joe or Leo? And what's going to happen when four new arrivals roll into Paradise and tempt the bachelors and bachelorettes? Watch Bachelor in Paradise Week 4, Part 1 and Bachelor in Paradise Week 4, Part 2 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for this week's highlights!

A Triangle of Love Triangles

#1: Jordan was immediately smitten with Jenna when she arrived. She was into him too, but the bloom fell off the rose when Jordan lost his mind over David's gift to Jenna. Benoit took Jenna on a date, and Jenna couldn't decide between the two guys.

#2: Kendall and Joe immediately hit it off and Joe felt like he was falling for Kendall. But that all changed when Leo arrived and took Kendall on a date. Though she still likes Joe a lot, Kendall says she feels a pull toward Leo.

#3: This one's new, but Chris and Krystal have been solidifying themselves as a couple. The tricky part: Connor has just arrived in Paradise, and he came here for Krystal. The other tricky part: Krystal came here for Connor. Where does that leave Chris?

Connor and Krystal channel their "inner spirit animals"

Jordan and Benoit take turns feeling jealous of each other as Jenna spends time with them both to figure out what she wants. It's also pretty clear that Jordan and Benoit are not fans of one another. Jordan even takes issue with the way Benoit throws a frisbee:

Neither man is feeling safe, and Jenna's not happy either because she knows she'll have to pick one soon at the Rose Ceremony. Her brain says Benoit, and her heart says Jordan.

As for KendalLeJoe—which is a terrible, terrible portmanteau that we regretted as soon as we typed it—we'll get to them in a bit, because their final act is as dramatic as they come.

Trouble in Paradise

No couple is safe in Paradise. Kenny and Annaliese seem to be getting along pretty well, but Annaliese didn't count on the girl who would come between them:

Okay, so that's pretty much the most wholesome reason to leave Paradise, and even Annaliese agrees. But the end result is the same: She's left without a connection. But never fear! Kamil arrives soon after, takes Annaliese on a date, and they have a good time. Maybe Annaliese has finally found the love she's been searching for. She certainly thinks so.

Kevin and Astrid have been going strong since early on, but suddenly, Kevin tells Astrid he wishes she could date other guys. She asks what he means by that, he says he's worried about temptations and the real world, but can't really explain it, and she storms off, crying. Here's what happened when he chased after her:

Again, pretty wholesome wrap-up there. Props to Kevin for being honest about his insecurities. It's clear that Astrid appreciated him being vulnerable with her, and they're in a better place for it.

Elsewhere, Jenna has made her decision. She says, "I'm scared of falling in love with somebody who gets me so well that they could just destroy me," but she's summoned the bravery to do it anyway.

The guy who gets her is Jordan. Benoit is crushed.

Leo's Obsession with "The Rat"

Joe is all in on Kendall, but Kendall can't decide between him and Leo. Kendall thinks Leo is all in on her too. Except Leo kissed Chelsea the other night, which is relatively well known on the beach. Kevin mentions it while chatting with Kendall, and it's immediately clear that Kendall didn't know. She tells Leo she's not sure she can trust him, and isn't sure about giving him her rose. Leo feels that whoever ratted him out to Kendall has committed a serious violation of the bro code, and proceeds to yell repeatedly, to basically no one, about rats and tattling and who kissed who, and pretty much everyone becomes mildly concerned about his sanity. 

Kevin takes the opportunity to come clean and tells Leo he's the one who told Kendall. Leo doesn't really seem to appreciate his honesty:

When Kendall talks to Leo before the Rose Ceremony and asks him how he's doing, he says "You ruined my day by making me feel like I did something horrible by kissing Chelsea. I was extremely surprised and hurt than you would do something like that to me." Kendall doesn't fall for his attempted blame reversal and refuses that justification for his bad behavior. She tells him she's done.

Kendall then has a chat with John, who doesn't have a strong connection this week after Jubilee's departure. Kendall ends up kissing John(!!!), and she immediately looks like she made a mistake. She runs to Joe and tells him about the kiss and says she's just been distracting herself because she's falling for Joe and she's scared. He says he's scared too, but willing to give it a go. So Kendall and Grocery Store Joe is officially on!

Leo decides he's not going to wait around for the Rose Ceremony, so he decides to give one final toast before leaving Paradise. It's not very popular:

We didn't notice many tears shed in the crowd upon that exit.

So Who Went Home on Bachelor in Paradise?

Most of the couples are pretty well established now, and the roses represented that:

Krystal --> Chris

Kendall --> Joe

Tia --> Colton

Jenna --> Jordan

Astrid --> Kevin

Annaliese --> Kamil

Angela --> Eric

The only rose that was up for grabs was Chelsea's. Would it go to Benoit, Connor, David, or John? Watch and see:

So John got Chelsea's rose, and Benoit, Connor, and David were headed home. Benoit had pushed hard for Chelsea the day of the ceremony, but when he left without saying goodbye, Chelsea felt like she'd made the right decision.

New Arrivals Mean New Anxiety

Now that the Rose Ceremony is over, the men have the power again. Which means more ladies will be arriving. John is basically the only single guy in Paradise, so when Olivia shows up, she takes him on a date, and they have a good time crashing a quinceañera. Another love connection might be brewing here.

Eric and Angela finally got a one-on-one date the night before the Rose Ceremony, where they had a chance to solidify their connection. They also determined that neither of them would accept dates from new arrivals. They both felt pretty happy about that.

Enter Cassandra. As soon as she walks in, Eric is swooning over her appearance. But surely he wouldn't say yes to a date, would he? I mean, he just said like a night ago that he wouldn't. But when Cassandra pulls him away, he says that he's kind of together with Angela, but things are a little complicated, and of course he'd like to go on the date. He just has to tell Angela first, who, predictably, is not happy:

With Angela in tears, everyone in Paradise starts worrying about their "solid" connections...are they really as solid as they seem? Is there more heartbreak lurking right around the corner? We'll find out next week!

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