Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Joe Attempts to Get Samantha Back, Mikey and Juelia Wrestle with Love

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Joe Attempts to Get Samantha Back, Mikey and Juelia Wrestle with Love

On Joe and Samantha: The Bonnie and Clyde Story - better known as this week's Bachelor in Paradise recap - conniving couple Joe Bailey and Samantha Steffen's breakup looms over Paradise. The Joe/Samantha drama continues on Week 4, Night 2, with Joe still pining after Sam, despite her dumping him on his birthday. Joe continues to hold that Sam had been texting him prior to her arrival on the show. While he's been crowned the "vill" of Paradise since his arrival, Joe has now threatened to show off Sam's text messages to clear his name -- and ruin hers.

Samantha and Joe: The Saga Continues

Not over the fact Sam broke up with him, Joe still tries to work things out between them. When he gets the chance to sit and talk to her, he brings up their text messages, again... and again... and again. Joe questions her actions and she gets defensive, denying everything and not owning up to her lies. Is it possible that Samantha is an even bigger "vill" than Joe? All signs point to YES:

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Nothing Says Romance Better Than Wrestling

Mikey Tenerelli and Juelia Kinney's second chance at romance seems to be a red hot success. When Mikey gets the Date card, he asks Juelia on a 1-on-1 date. The two are whisked away via private jet to the romantic city of Guadalajara... and end up at a Lucha Libre wrestling match. After all, nothing says romance better than a wrestling match, complete with beer-throwing! After the match, Mikey and Juelia get their turn in the ring and realize there's something there between them. 


Ashley I., the Love Guru

With Joe determined to win Sam back, Ashley Iaconetti takes a break from crying over her breakup with Jared Haibonlong enough to give Joe her two cents. Ashley's advice: Take Sam's wanting to start their relationship fresh literally and introduce himself again like he's never met her. Joe initially thinks Ashley's advice is "cheesy as s**t," but ends up going with it. The result:

Later, the two have a heated conversation and it appears that Joe and Sam are truly and completely over. Will Joe finally reveal his text messages from Sam? If so, what will they say? What other secrets is Sam hiding? You'll have to wait till Sunday to find out!

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