Who Gets Engaged on Bachelor in Paradise 2018?

Who Gets Engaged on Bachelor in Paradise 2018?

Now that the Season Finale of Bachelor in Paradise 2018 has come and gone, we know which couples went their separate ways and which couples decided to take the plunge and get engaged. Thirty-five single folks showed up in Paradise this season, and a few had a taste of love, but a select few really dove in and worked toward building a relationship that would survive the "real world." So where did the couples end up by the finale? If you'd rather see the romantic moments organically, you can watch the Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale, Part 1 and the Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale, Part 2 right here on ABC.com or in the ABC app. But if you just want the lowdown on who's making plans for the future, read on!

Kevin and Astrid 

These two coupled up pretty early, as they hit it off before the first Rose Ceremony, and Astrid gave Kevin her rose. They had some bumpy moments along the way, like when Kevin bared his insecurities to Astrid, but they always made it through. But Kevin had an emotional freak out during the finale and broke it off with Astrid. Here's where they are now:

So while Kevin and Astrid aren't engaged, they're both saying that they love the other person, so there's still hope! 

Jenna and Jordan

Jordan has been all-in on Jenna since she arrived. Jenna had a brief fling with Benoit after Jordan flipped out on David and tossed his stuffed bear gift into the ocean, but over time, Jenna warmed up to the idea of a long-term relationship with the salt-spray-coiffed male model. Once they were exclusive, Jordan made it clear that a ring was definitely on his mind...but giving a ring and talking about giving a ring are two different things. Here's how they finished their story:

When Jordan says he's gonna do something, I guess he means it. 

Joe and Kendall

Joe and Kendall have been more or less inseparable since they arrived in Paradise (give or take a few Leo moments here and there), and neither of them ever gave anyone else a rose. But before the final Rose Ceremony, they had an awkward conversation about the future that ended when Kendall went to bed, leaving Joe feeling like he didn't really know where he stands. When they picked the topic back up, it didn't go well:

Then they each hopped in a van and headed home. Done.

BUT! When Kendall got home, she hopped a flight to Chicago to talk to Joe. She said she loved him and that she'd made a mistake. Would they figure it out? Here's where they were in the end:

No rings yet, but they're working on it. Plus, they'll get to spend time together in LA since he's joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars 2018! (Don't miss Grocery Store Joe's Meet the Cast video for more Joe.) We'll see where this cute couple takes it...

Annaliese and Kamil

Annaliese helped open Paradise, but never really clicked with anyone. She had high hopes for Jordan...but then Jenna arrived. Then she was totally into Kenny...but then Kenny left to be with his daughter. Kamil showed up relatively late, but he enjoyed his time with Annaliese. At the end of Paradise, they opted for the Fantasy Suites, and Annaliese was ready for a proposal. Kamil wasn't, but they left together to try to make a long-distance relationship work. They hadn't seen each other in person much, so the reunion was a great chance to catch up. Or was it? Witness:

Yikes. It's hard not to feel for Annaliese here. She came back on stage and gave Kamil an earful for his televised maneuver, but it's safe to say there will be no rings in their future.

Chris and Krystal

These two would be in the conversation if you were discussing villains from their respective seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but Paradise proved reformative for this pair. They each dated around a little—Chris with Tia, Krystal with Kenny—but eventually realized they were super into each other, and things intensified from there. Were rings in the conversation by the end of Paradise for them? Watch and see:

Though Chris certainly used a bit of misdirection to potentially give Krystal half a heart attack, he came around.

So we've got two engagements another pair of relationships that are still going strong. Not bad! See you next season, Bachelor Nation, and don't forget to watch Colton as The Bachelor in January 2019!

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