BattleBots Returns: Top 4 Moments from Last Night's Season Premiere

BattleBots Returns: Top 4 Moments from Last Night's Season Premiere

The anticipation had been building, but it was finally time for the 'bots to face off during the BattleBots season premiere on ABC! Eight teams took to the BattleBox to compete in the first night of qualifiers, hoping to earn their places in the tournament by reducing their opponents' bots to scrap! The night featured an even mix of one-sided victories and white-knuckle, edge-of-your-seat bouts where either bot could have emerged victorious. Perhaps most shocking of all, legendary bot Warhead went down to new up-and-comer Bite Force, which dominated the entire match. And who could forget legendary builder Terry Ewert leading his sons and their bot Warrior Clan to victory against fellow bot competition veteran Jim Smentowski and the terrifying bot Nightmare? Let's meet the teams and go to the results!

FIGHT 1: Icewave vs. Razorback

The internal combustion-powered Icewave and its powerful spinning blade takes on the heavy-duty Razorback in this qualifying match.


WINNER - Icewave (KO)

FIGHT 2: Plan X vs. Wrecks

Plan X led by team captain Lisa Winter faces off against Wrecks led by team captain Micah Leibowitz in a thrilling contest that goes the distance. Who did the judges decide won the bout?


WINNER - Plan X (Unanimous Decision)

FIGHT 3: Bite Force vs. Warhead

Legendary BattleBot Warhead returns to competition in the hopes of reliving its glory days, but up-and-coming bot Bite Force hopes to play the spoiler in Warhead's comback story. Which bot will come out on top?


WINNER - Bite Force (KO)

FIGHT 4: Nightmare vs. Warrior Clan

BattleBot veterans Jim Smentowski and Terry Ewert square off in an explosive match between their bots Nightmare and Warrior Clan! The sparks flew and the shrapnel covered the BattleBox by the time these two fierce competitors were through.


WINNER - Warrior Clan (KO)