The "BattleBots" 2015 Championship Round Begins This SUNDAY!

The "BattleBots" 2015 Championship Round Begins This SUNDAY!

The Qualifiers are over and the Championship round of 16 begins when BattleBots airs SUNDAY JULY 5 9|8c on ABC! 16 of the toughest bots, builders and fighting teams are now set to do battle in the BattleBox in a single-elimination tournament to determine who is the best, and who belongs in a scrap pile. Sparks will fly, flames will erupt, giant spinning blades will smash. This is going to be one epic round of bot fighting!

To make sure you've got everything you need to enjoy the next round, we're providing the handy bracket above. You can also download the BattleBots 2015 Championship round bracket by using that link!

The round of 16 kicks off with four incredible contests:

Stinger vs. Warhead
Bronco vs. Plan X
Warrior Clan vs. Ghost Raptor
Icewave vs. Chomp

Stinger, Bronco, Plan X, Warrior Clan, Ghost Raptor, and Icewave are each coming in with a win under their belts, but Warhead and Chomp will be out there with something to prove, having made it to the Championship round in two of the four wildcard spots. Will they get redemption, or repeat their recent defeats? What changes might they have made to their bots or their strategies since the qualifiers? We'll all have to watch and find out on SUNDAY!

In the meantime, here are some of the victories from bots heading into the first night of the Championship round!


The internal combustion-powered Icewave and its powerful spinning blade takes on the heavy-duty Razorback in this qualifying match.


Plan X led by team captain Lisa Winter faces off against Wrecks led by team captain Micah Leibowitz in a thrilling contest that goes the distance.


BattleBot veterans Jim Smentowski and Terry Ewert square off in an explosive match between their bots Nightmare and Warrior Clan! The sparks flew and the shrapnel covered the BattleBox by the time these two fierce competitors were through.


Team captain Andrea Suarez wanted to use her bot Witch Doctor to cast a spell on Bronco, but team captains Alexander Rose and Reason Bradley had something to say about it.