Who Gives Better Advice: Bow or Pops?

Who Gives Better Advice: Bow or Pops?

What's the best way to give advice to a kid? Rainbow has her own way, but it's Pops who seems to know how to do it.

Bow's Advice Tactic #1 - If You Forget to Listen, Walk Away
Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) has been eager to have her daughter come to her for advice, but when Zoey (Yara Shahidi) finally opens up to her, Bow is too busy basking in the moment that she forgets to listen.

Bow's Advice Tactic #2 - If You Can't Help, Stuff Food in Your Mouth
Rainbow isn't sure what Zoey's personal drama is all about, so Bow tries to bluff her way through the conversation by stuffing food in her mouth.

Pops's Advice Tactic #1 - Do the Ol' "Morgan Freeman"
Rainbow admits to Zoey that she was so excited her daughter came to her for advice that she never bothered to listen to what the actual problem was. Zoey ends up getting advice from Pops (Laurence Fishburne) instead, who also wasn't sure how to help other than to talk in a deep, soothing voice. He "Morgan Freeman-ed her."

From Episode 2 of black-ish Season 1, "The Talk." ABC WEDNESDAYS 9:30|8:30c.