Dre and the 4 Stages of Spanking

Dre and the 4 Stages of Spanking

When Jack (Miles Brown) puts Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) in a panic by hiding in a department store, Dre (Anthony Anderson) is appointed to be the one to serve up their son's punishment. Both Pops (Laurence Fishburne) and Bow want Dre to spank Jack, but Dre is against it. At first. Eventually, Dre and Bow flip-flop on their spanking stances as they progress through the Four Stages of Spanking:

1. Denial
Despite Bow, Pops and his coworkers voicing their support of spanking, Dre refuses to whup his child. But when Jack repeats his hiding stunt, it's enough to drive Dre to the edge and change his mind...

2. Anger
Dre's coworkers hold a vote and unanimously decide that Dre shouldn't spank Jack, but Dre is angrily committed to doling out the punishment.

3. Bargaining
While Bow initially believed in spanking Jack, her cute son manages to charm his way into dissuading her. (Who can resist Jack in a bowtie?) She pleads with Dre to change his mind and not spank their son.

4. Acceptance
Dre knows he needs to follow through. After selecting just the right belt for the whuppin', Dre has second thoughts, but maybe Pops will convince him.