Dre's Top 3 Tips for Dealing with a Bully

Dre's Top 3 Tips for Dealing with a Bully

When Dre (Anthony Andersen) finds out Andre (Marcus Scribner) is getting bullied at school on “The Dozens” episode of black-ish, he decides to give his son a few tips on protecting himself.

1. Go For the Jugular.

Dre’s initial advice to Andre is to come at the bully with a physical assault, including a groin kick and a “throat chop,” since the “Adam’s apple is like the balls of the throat.” Unfortunately for Andre, his father decides to use him as a punching bag of sorts, in order to demonstrate a few crippling defense moves:

Dre Demonstrates Self-Defense Moves on Andre|“Adam’s apple is like the balls of the throat."|When Andre (Marcus Scribner) reveals he has a bully at school, Dre (Anthony Anderson) decides to show him a few key self-defense movies, including the “throat chop.” Unfortunately for Andre, his father demonstrates the moves on him. From black-ish, Season 1, Episode 15, “The Dozens.”

2. Identify the Bully's Flaws and Proceed to Trash Talk. 

But when Dre begins to question his son’s ability to physically defend himself, he decides trash talking is the next best option, and goes on to coach Andre on the subtleties of perfecting the ultimate burn. Andre takes his lesson and runs with it, humiliating a bully in front of the entire school: 

Andre Trash Talks His Bully|Andre confronts a bully by making fun of his cystic acne.|Dre (Anthony Anderson) tells Andre (Marcus Scribner) that he should confront his bullies with trash talk that points our their obvious flaws. Andre puts his lessons to use when he rips apart a bully suffering from cystic acne. From black-ish, Season 1, Episode 15, "The Dozens."

 3. Show Mercy.  

Once Andre has mastered the art of roasting his enemies, Dre warns him to use his gift wisely, and only trash talk those who can handle it. Andre takes his dad’s advice to heart…and ends up getting punched in the face in the process: 


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