Charlie Telphy's Funniest Moments and Outtakes

Charlie Telphy's Funniest Moments and Outtakes

In the Season 1 "Bloopish" special of black-ish, Yara Shahidi and Marcus Scribner reveal how funny Dre's coworker Charlie Telphy (Deon Cole) can be. His expressions make you laugh as soon as you see him, and Deon's outtakes from the behind-the-scenes special demonstrate just how hysterical his "eye acting" really is.

Anthony Anderson explains that Charlie is so way out of left field that "he almost comes from the right." In honor of Dre's coworker at Stevens & Lido, here are Charlie Telphy's funniest moments from Season 1:

4. Charlie Might Have a Second Family
Deon Cole's outtake from this scene is featured in the "Bloopish" clip above, and you can see how everything was supposed to play out when Dre tries to uncover if Charlie has a secret, second family somewhere else. From Season 1, Episode 8 of black-ish, "Oedipal Triangle."

3. Charlie Somehow Knows Dre's "Pee Face"

Dre explains "urinal etiquette" for public restrooms, and Charlie clearly breaks every rule. Charlie gets very up close and personal in the stall next to Dre, and maybe that's why he knows the intimate details of Dre's "pee face." From Season 1, Episode 3 of black-ish, "The Nod."


2. Charlie Punches Josh During an Office Prank

On Halloween, Josh tries pulling an office prank, and Charlie's first reaction is to punch Josh. Charlie is not one to "waste an opportunity to sock a dude" and he also reveals that he knows RuPaul for some reason. From Season 1, Episode 6 of black-ish, "The Prank King."

1. Charlie Tries on Dre's Sneakers

In the first episode to feature Charlie Telphy, Dre invites him over for dinner and Charlie ends up making himself very much at home. After raiding Dre's beloved shoe closet, Charlie helps himself to trying on a pair of Dre's classic, unworn Nikes. And even though this stunt makes Charlie unwelcome at Dre's house, it's this very same moment that Charlie's out-there personality and absurd antics make him perfectly at home as part of the hysterical ensemble cast of black-ish. From Season 1, Episode 3 of black-ish, "The Nod."

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