How Dre Got His Swag Back

How Dre Got His Swag Back

With his 40th birthday approaching, Dre (Anthony Anderson) begins feeling old (losing a tooth while eating a banana can make people question their youth), so he goes on a mission to re-establish his swag that everyone seems to think he no longer has. It's not easy when his new assistant Curtis (Allen Maldonado) is seen as the new cool guy in the office, what with him doing EDM beats with a kid in Milan and all. Dre struggles to reclaim his swag, and the journey helps him realize that, all along, he's had something far more important than swag. Here's how he got there:

Convince Your Coworkers That "Black 40 Is the White 25"
Dre has to out-swag his new, young assistant Curtis. Insisting that "black 40 is the white 25" doesn't seem to convince anyone that Dre is still young and cool.

Show Off Your Athleticism
Dre tries to show off his moves on the court by challenging his coworkers to a basketball game. But things quickly go downhill when Dre gets a leg cramp and then loses a tooth while loading up on potassium from a banana.

Plan a Party with a Cool Digital Gimmick
Dre wants to plan the ultimate party that's not a lame jammy jam. However, handing out the featured party music on thumb drives is treading on jammy jam territory. What a swag party really needs are SMADs (singer/model/actress/dancers).

Get a Hat like Pharrell and Wear a Glow Mouthguard
Dre gives in and recruits Curtis to get swag-ified, which involves sporting a Pharrell-style hat at a jaunty angle and wearing a glow mouthguard, which has apparently rendered glowsticks and glow necklaces uncool.

Plan Your Own Party and Get Jermaine Dupri to Spin
Dre decides to throw a last-minute party at his house and recruits Jermaine Dupri (who's more than happy to reveal he's sold 250 million records and discovered Bow Wow). But where is Dre's family? In the end, he's never needed swag to earn their love and respect, and that's the perfect gift for any birthday.

From Season 1, Episode 17 of black-ish, "30 Something." Watch black-ish ABC WEDNESDAYS 9:30|8:30c.