black-ish Recap: Dre Can't Stand to See Ruby Dating

Welcome to this week's black-ish recap for Season 2, Episode 12 "Old Digger" (air date: January 13, 2016). No one wants to think about their parents as people with romantic needs, but of course, that doesn't change the fact that they are. Dre in particular has an incredibly tough time with it. So when Ruby says she has a man in her life, Dre starts freaking out.

Ruby met him online, after getting some help from Zoey, Junior, Jack and Diane to set her up with a dating profile. (Ruby is not technologically savvy, so she needed a hand.) Just FYI, Ruby's dislikes are Satan, demons, and cilantro:

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Dre doesn't want to meet Ruby's new beau, Davis. Dre is looking for some company in his misery, so he breaks the news to Pops that Ruby's back in the dating pool, Pops breaks the news to Dre: She's been dating for years. She only dates very, very old men, and it's just for companionship. Or so they all think -- when they finally meet Davis, it turns out he's a young, strapping, incredibly handsome man: 

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Dre doesn't like Davis, but it's clear it's personal. By every metric, Davis seems like a well-put-together guy who treats Ruby well. Dre tries everything he can think of to come between them, up to and including picking a fight with him. (Which fails, and ends with Davis giving Dre tickets to a Clippers game.) So Dre opts for, well, the crazy option: faking a heart attack. Witness:

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Not long after, Dre realizes that he's going to have to accept this, and a failure to do that could only end up with his mother being unhappy, which is obviously not Dre's goal. Davis and Ruby have stayed together -- at least for the time being, and Dre might not love the idea, but he's willing to do it to make Ruby happy -- so long as she spares him the details.

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