5 Romantic-ish Moments from black-ish

5 Romantic-ish Moments from black-ish

black-ish is a stellar family comedy, but it still has its fair share of romantic moments. Granted, a lot of these moments are just kinda sorta involving romance, and are often instances of the Johnson family and their friends totally failing in their amorous endeavors, but hey—at least they're hilarious.

So to get you in the mood for love this Valentine's Day (and in many cases, to present a list of things NOT to do), here are some of our favorite "love" scenes from black-ish.

Bow Tries Being Dre's Best Friend for a Day

Dre and Bow might be married, but Dre makes it clear in "Plus Two Isn't a Thing" that they are not best friends. That honor goes to Gigi (guest star Tyra Banks). But when Gigi blows off Dre for a shopping trip, Bow offers to fill in as his BFF:

Dre Hates Zoey's First Boyfriend

Whether it's your friends or your family, it's your job to vet their suitors to make sure that your loved ones are being loved by the right ones. In pursuit of that goal, Dre, Junior and Jack take it upon themselves to give Zoey's first boyfriend the third degree, which, near as we can gather from this scene in "Andre from Marseille," means being super dismissive and downright rude:

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Ruby Is Dating Again

Dre starts freaking out when Ruby says she has a new man in her life in "Old Digger." Ruby met this new beau online, after getting some help from Zoey, Junior, Jack and Diane to set her up with a dating profile:

Dre and Bow Make Up on Valentine's Day

In "Big Night, Big Fight," Dre and Bow's Valentine's Day gets away from them and devolves into a night-long argument. But it might be that giant battle that helps them let off steam. The lesson? When you love someone, you don't want to kill them. Aww. Watch:

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Charlie Seduces Guest Star Amber Rose

With the help of the Johnson kids, Charlie has concocted a web of lies to impress his lost love Dominique (guest star Amber Rose) in "Charlie in Charge." He pretends the Johnsons' house is his, that even the kids are his, and it works—for a while:

Happy Valentine's Day, lovebirds!

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