Watch black-ish "Man at Work" Extended Cut Online

Watch black-ish "Man at Work" Extended Cut Online

Watch the black-ish Season 2, Episode 9 "Man at Work" Longer-ish Extended Cut right here! The only thing that's better than black-ish is even more black-ish, and that's exactly what we have for you today.

Featuring about 9 minutes of never-before-seen footage, there are plenty of new highlights for you here, including:

  • Sha's history with Dre and Bow
  • A longer version of Wanda Sykes's amazing entrance at Stevens & Lido as Daphne Lido
  • More on Charlie's fear of fun-park decapitations
  • The difference between pimping in the 70s vs. the 80s

If that doesn't make you want to click this link, well, you just can't be helped.

Watch black-ish Season 2, Episode 9 "Man at Work" Longer-ish Extended Cut

And don't forget that we've got other full episodes of black-ish available for you to watch online right now!

S2 E6 Jacked O' Lantern: Dre's nieces and nephews come to the neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Featuring guest star Michael Strahan

S2 E7 Charlie In Charge: Dre relies on pharmaceutical assistance to help him conquer his fear of flying, while a mixup puts Charlie Telphy in charge of the Johnson kids. Featuring guest star Amber Rose.

S2 E8 Chop Shop: While Bow prepares for the Johnson family’s annual Christmas card shoot, Dre takes Junior and Jack to the Barber Shop but struggles with loyalty to his lifelong Barber, T.

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Check out this highlight from "Man at Work" below:

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