Cam Jackson
Cam Jackson

Contestant Biography

Cam Jackson went to the Broadway Dance Academy in New York where he studied tap, jazz and hip hop. Cam comes from a performing family; his dad is a singer, mom was a dancer, older brother is an actor and his other brother is a professional backup dancer. He was in a pop/hip hop cover band that performed locally. He feels this experience has prepared him for being in a boy band and he's ready to bring creative solutions to the group. Cam is constantly writing music in his free time. Cam believes he's a triple threat because he can dance, sing and is good with the ladies.

★  Cam is always writing his own music.

★  He went to the Broadway Dance Academy in New York - he was professionally taught in tap, jazz and hip hop.

★  He has been in a cover band that did hip hop and pop music.

★  He enjoys performing in a group and creating together - even if there is conflict that needs to be worked through.

★  He is inspired by John Legend and early 2000s R&B music.

★  In his free time, he loves spending time with his family and playing basketball.

★  He's known to be calm and is able to get along with everyone.

★  His favorite music video is Thriller by Michael Jackson and his top musical heroes are Chris Brown and Usher.