Cameron Armstrong
Cameron Armstrong

Contestant Biography

Cameron Armstrong was a star athlete growing up and was coached by his father James Armstrong, who played football for the Dallas Cowboys. Cameron excelled in football and track, and received multiple college scholarships, but he walked away from it to follow his other passion… music. Telling his dad wasn't easy, and Cameron dedicates himself to music just as hard as sports to not let his father down. He moved to Hollywood, got a degree in performing arts, and works as an actor, but his true love is music.

★  Cameron's dad played professional football for the Dallas Cowboys in the late 80's to early 90's. After football his dad joined the military, then became a pastor and opened his own church.

★  Cameron grew up playing sports with dad and practicing his music with mom.

★  His dad was his personal coach/trainer growing up and he was on his way to a professional athletic career, just like dad. Cameron was offered an athletic scholarship at his dad's alma mater and a scholarship for track at UCLA.

★  The hardest day of Cameron's life was having to tell his dad he didn't want to play sports anymore and wanted to pursue a musical career.

★  Cameron went to AMDA in Hollywood and got his degree in performing arts.

★  Since college, he has booked 3 national commercials for acting and is living on his own as a professional actor. Acting is currently his only job.

★  Cameron plays the Cajon. The Cajon is a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front or rear faces with the hands, fingers, or sometimes various implements.