Chance Perez
Chance Perez

Contestant Biography

Chance Perez got his love of music from his father who would sing to Chance and his sister in their small apartment when they were kids. Chance's father died when Chance was just 8 years old and this left a hole in his heart. Now, Chance is a young father to his 2-year-old daughter Brooklyn, and he sings to her every night. Chance knew he had to grow up fast and make life secure for his daughter, so he is a certified EMT studying to become a firefighter. However, Chance's true passion is music, and he can't pass up this opportunity to make a better life for Brooklyn. A spot in the Boy Band will be a big step in setting up a college fund and making life easier for his daughter.

★  He has a two year-old daughter named Brooklyn. Chance was 17 when he became a father. Chance has 50% custody of Brooklyn and has a close relationship with Brooklyn's mother even though they are not together.

★  Chance's dad passed away when he was 8 years-old from kidney cancer.

★  Chance put music aside to focus on a stable career to support his daughter.

★  Chance's family is religious and believes Brooklyn is a gift from God.

★  Chance wears his father's blue class ring on his finger. Chance graduated high school early and wasn't able to receive a class ring so his mother gave Chance the ring when he graduated.