Devin Hayes
Devin Hayes

Contestant Biography

At over 400,000 followers, Devin Hayes has a large following on social media and works hard to keep that number growing. His support team of friends has helped Devin create and produce content for his online following. Devin has outgrown his very small town of Springfield, IL and is ready for a taste of the big city. His interest in music, theater and modeling made him very different from most people in his town. Devin Hayes is your typical big fish from a small pond.

★  Springfield, IL is the state capitol, but it is really a small agricultural town at its core.

★  The town is really focused on athletics and Devin always had a hard time finding his place in it.

★  As a kid, he looked up to Justin Bieber and dreamed that he could be like him one day.

★  Devin didn't have many friends growing up because he was constantly teased and called names for his love of musical theater.

★  It was during this time that Devin began making YouTube videos and it helped him escape his lack of friends in his hometown. Before he knew it, his fan base grew and he began touring.

★  Devin desperately wants to get out of Springfield, and with Boy Band offering an opportunity for him to escape, this "city boy" has put his college plans on hold to pursue his dream.

★  Devin's girlfriend, Hannah, along with his friends Aaron and Connor, have been a constant source of support for him as he chases his dream.