Dylan Rey
Dylan Rey

Contestant Biography

Dylan Rey was in a boy band for two years that toured with 5th Harmony. The band split last year and Dylan is looking for his next band. Dylan feels very comfortable in a group and thrives when people depend on him. Dylan has three adopted brothers from Nigeria and knows better than most how to call strangers his brothers. Dylan feels his experience with the boy band life will give him an edge over the others.

★  When he was younger, Dylan went with his father on medical mission trips to an orphanage in Nigeria where they ended up adopting three of his brothers.

★  Two of his adopted brothers are currently serving in the military.

★  He can do numerous impressions like Elmo, Peter Griffin, a Russian accent, etc. He loves to impersonate people that he meets.

★  Dylan started singing at the age of eight in his church choir.

★  He was a straight A student throughout school.

★  In his free time, he would put together shows and miniature concerts for his family and friends.

★  He is inspired by Bruno Mars, Michael Bublé, Boyz II Men, and Bryan Adams.

★  Dylan can play Piano and guitar.

★  An avid sports fan, his teams are the Dallas Cowboys, UCLA Bruins, the LA Clippers and the Yankees.

★  He has a golden retriever named Doug, an English bulldog named Rihanna, and a pug named Mr. Pickles.