Gianni Cardinale
Gianni Cardinale

Contestant Biography

Gianni is the middle brother of the aspiring boy band, Thr3Card.  He considers himself to be the vanilla frosting that keeps the cookie together. When performing with his brothers, it's undeniable that Gianni is the glue that keeps his boy band of brothers thriving. Gianni is a natural leader with natural performing abilities. Gianni's sense of style is cutting edge and he is always dressed the part of a super star everywhere he goes. Gianni thrives as the leader of 3Card and is ready to leave his family band behind to join the next great boy band.

★  Gianni is a natural leader, especially in the boy band with his brothers.

★  He is a ladies' man and the "edgy one" of his group.

★  Gianni is in 11th grade, loves to dance, play the piano, and play basketball.

★  Takes pride in his fashion sense. Style is extremely important to Gianni.

★  As a kid, Gianni performed with his brother Santino as a dancer in the Cirque Du Soleil "LOVE" show on the Vegas strip.

★  Gianni and his brothers were in a show at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino for three months performing an energetic 75-minute show.

★  He loves video games and flag football.