Jaden Gray
Jaden Gray

Contestant Biography

Jaden's mother, Demetria is the Youth Choir Director at Faith Inspirational Church in Compton. Growing up, everyone in Jaden's family was musically gifted except for Jaden himself, however, with some practice Jaden eventually found his voice. Now this 16-year-old high school sophomore is not only a member of the youth choir, but he also serves as the choir's soloist.

★  He is the youngest of six from a blended family.

★  Jaden idolizes his older brother and tries to mimic his singing style. They are best friends despite their 11 year age difference.

★  Church is very important to Jaden and he spends time volunteering when he can. His church participates and hosts multiple outreach programs for the city of Compton.

★  Jaden now performs on Snapchat, Instagram, and Youtube