Marcus Pendleton
Marcus Pendleton

Contestant Biography

Marcus Pendleton had to grow up fast. At 16 years old Marcus is the man of the house and a role model to his 3 younger brothers. Marcus does the cooking, cleaning, tutoring and also finds time to play with his brothers on a daily basis. Marcus found his love for music through Michael Jackson. His grandmother would play Michael and Marcus would mimic him in every way. Marcus currently performs in a Michael Jackson tribute show every year in TN.

★  Marcus goes by the name K-MARZZZ, which he says stands for more of a way of living, than a stage name. To be K-MARZZZ means to be inclusive of everyone and everything positive. He desires to spread positivity through his music.

★  A big inspiration for wanting to be a role model to others is that he has 3 younger brothers.

★  Marcus still finds time to hit the studio and perform  at clubs around TN.

★  He does feel like he had to grow up faster than most but says he wouldn't change it for the world because his brothers are so important to him.

★  In this competition, he wants to show his younger siblings that following your dream is something they can also do, no matter what hurdles stand in their way.

★  He enjoys playing basketball, rehearsing in the studio, and performing live at clubs around TN.