Mikey Jimenez
Mikey Jimenez

Contestant Biography

Mikey knows he'll have the best hair in this competition because his family owns multiple hair salons. Mikey never leaves the house with messy hair…unless he is going for the messy hair look. He gained his confidence as an artist by singing to the customers in the hair salon. His mother works two jobs to support him and his younger sister. Mikey is the man of the house and does a lot of the cooking and cleaning to help his mom.

★  Mikey gets his musical ability from his dad's side of the family and his good looks from his mom's side. His mom and dad divorced when Mikey was 5 years old.

★  Mikey works at the salon for extra money or for haircuts.

★  His mother works two jobs, as a full time hair stylist and as a part-time real estate agent. She has 8 siblings, of which all of the sisters own hair salons while all of the brothers own barber shops. Mikey's dad also owns a barber shop and his grandmother used to own a salon.

★  Mikey has an intense hair routine and he plans to have the best hair in this competition.

★  He began singing after he watched his dad and grandpa sing causing him to fall in love with music. He learned to perform by singing for clients in the salons.

★  In Mikey's perfect world, he would join the band, get a record deal, become successful and then buy his mom and grandma a nice house so that they don't have to worry about money anymore.

★  School is very important to Mikey's mother so Mikey was not allowed to fully pursue music until he graduated.

★  Mikey will be missing his high school graduation for this opportunity.