Miles Wesley
Miles Wesley

Contestant Biography

Miles moved to Los Angeles with no money, nowhere to live and a dream of making it in the music business. After being homeless for three months, crashing on couches and sleeping in borrowed cars, Miles found work at a home music studio where he gets free studio time to work on his craft. He now lives in an empty apartment in Hollywood but he couldn't be happier because he's following his dream.

★  Miles currently lives in a one bedroom apartment in Hollywood with almost no furniture. He has a keyboard and an air mattress and that's it (no refrigerator, sofa or microwave).

★  Miles came to LA with two weeks worth of clothes and was homeless for the first three months. He would sleep on sofas, borrow a car from a friend so he could sleep in it and sleep in motels when he could afford it.

★  Miles eventually got his dream job working at a home music studio. He works at the studio during the day and is able to be a fly on the wall learning during the sessions. At night Miles gets to use the studio.

★  Miles grew up playing golf and was on his way to becoming a professional golfer before he decided music made him happy.

★  Miles was bullied in high school for his love for music and the only thing that kept him going was the attention he got from girls who loved his music.

★  Miles earned free studio time in high school by working for a music studio - The more studio time he would "sell", the more free time he would earn.