Paul Toweh
Paul Toweh

Contestant Biography

Paul was adopted from Liberia, West Africa during a civil war. He was sent to live with his uncle and at two years old his uncle fell in love with a woman who worked for the United Nations. After they married, Paul was officially adopted and moved back and forth from Africa to America many times in his life. Paul shares his unique outlook on life through his music which he posts online.

★  Paul considers himself more of a rapper than a singer.

★  Paul is constantly making music videos for social media so he can get the exposure. His shirtless videos get the most views.

★  Paul was born in Africa during a civil war. At a young age he went to live with his uncle because his parents were not fit to raise him.

★  At two years old Paul's uncle met a woman who worked for the United Nations and they fell in love. They married and Paul was officially adopted. When Paul was 4, they moved to New Jersey to be with family.

★  Paul had never seen a balloon or a chicken nugget before coming America.

★  Paul's adoptive mom continued to work for the UN so he spent most of his grade school years in Africa. He attended private American schools in Africa which allowed him to grow up with American culture but still experience the struggles of Africa.

★  Paul recently moved to Los Angeles so he could pursue his music career. He currently does not have a job and his mom supports him.

★  Paul has a 12 pound dog named Penda.

★  Paul's hobbies include: photography, staying fit and fast cars (he doesn't drive a fast car but hopes to own a fast car one day).