Santino Cardinale
Santino Cardinale

Contestant Biography

Santino Cardinale is the oldest brother in the aspiring boy band, Thr3Card. Santino definitely feels the responsibility of protecting his younger brothers, Gianni and Dante. He intentionally sets a calm example for his two brothers and keeps everyone focused. Santino graduates from high school this year and is ready to put everything into his career as an artist. Santino knows he can succeed away from his brothers but will always be a member of Thr3Card. Santino hopes his family will follow in the footsteps of famous families such as the Jonas Brothers or Jackson 5.

★  Santino is known as the joker of the family.

★  Santino is the oldest brother and is the one who helps with the production of the group's music.

★  Santino attends a performing arts school while his brothers attend a magnet school.

★  His musical influences are the Jackson 5, The Beatles, Jonas Brothers, and Justin Bieber.

★  Santino can play the piano and some drums.

★  If he's not on stage performing, he's usually rehearsing with his brothers.

★  His schedule consists of school, rehearsing, working out, and performing, nothing more.