Sergio Calderon
Sergio Calderon

Contestant Biography

On Friday night you'll find Sergio performing downtown on a street corner perfecting his craft instead of hanging out with friends. If you don't find him there then he is probably jamming at his home studio or in the bathroom doing his hair. Last year, Sergio gave up playing soccer and his chance at a college scholarship to pursue music. Sergio's parents are immigrants from Mexico who started a successful cleaning business so he knows the hard work it takes to be successful.

★  Sergio spends 8-10 minutes each morning on his hair and checks it regularly throughout the day. 

★  Sergio's parents work very hard to support Sergio, his twin brother and his two older sisters.

★  As a high school junior, Sergio is being pushed to decide what to do with his life and where to go to college. This has put immense pressure on Sergio.

★  Last year he decided to give up soccer and his chance at a college scholarship to pursue music. His parents were not trilled with this unsteady career path but are now supportive of his choice.

★  His twin brother Joe, who also sings, decided to continue pursuing his chance at playing soccer in college. Joe is currently recovering from ACL surgery.

★  A lot of people tell him that he looks like Bruno Mars.

★  He speaks fluent Spanish and English and knows some French.

★  Sergio feels that he is a leader as he was the captain of his soccer team and is the leader in bands that he's performed in.