Stone Martin
Stone Martin

Contestant Biography

Stone's parents are singers and met on a cruise ship performing. Music was around his entire life and his parents encouraged him to share his voice with the world. Stone is from a very small town in South Carolina so opportunities are limited. He started receiving a lot of social media attention after posting videos of him singing, which he made from his bedroom studio. Stone was accepted to the Berklee College of Music in the fall and plans to major in songwriting.

★  Stone is a southern boy who was brutally shy performing when he was a child.

★  He says he would bring his hard work ethic and his positivity to the show.

★  He's inspired by Michael Bublé.

★  Plays piano, guitar and cello.

★  He was chosen for his A Cappella Academy at school.

★  He spends his time singing, playing his instruments, watching Netflix, playing laser tag, and making homemade pizza.