Zack Taylor
Zack Taylor

Contestant Biography

Growing up, Zack was a star tennis player, but he always loved singing. He has been performing since he was in elementary school. In high school, Zack's father was in a horrible car accident where he almost died, this put things into perspective for Zack. He realized that you only get one shot at life, so you need to follow your dreams. Zack has plenty of experience and will be the older brother figure to the younger contestants.

★  He began singing when he was in elementary school. It was a school requirement to sing in the choir or play in the orchestra and he chose the choir.

★  When he was a freshman in high school, his father was in a massive car accident. He was a construction worker and was on his way home from work when he was run off the road by a UPS truck. His dad broke the bottom of his spine.

★  His dad was placed in a coma, forcing his mother to move into the hospital. This incident left Zack in charge at home where he had to take care of himself and his younger sister.

★  He is an avid tennis player.

★  In college Zack, was in an All-Male vocal group called the 'Bearatones'. This was a group of 12-13 guys that performed and competed together.